The Artist

Marie working in studioStudied at the Martenot de Paris School of Art and was prize winner at numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. The greatest part of Marie de VALON's work is sourced from nature and from the philosophy of life.

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Inspired by numerous trips to Florence, Marie de VALON expresses in her works of art the richness of Tuscan countryside.

In her sculptures, Marie de VALON glorifies her ecstasy with life; coiled up bodies seem to await a hand to caress them.

Her deeply humane art touches us - puts us in touch with reality.

The abstract painting of Marie de VALON is a subtle development coming from the truth.

I am in fact myself as soon as I enter the door of my workshop: layering the colours, sanding, scraping, dividing up the space; looking, making mistakes, starting is wonderful.

Contrasts, proportions, textures, ...within the limits of rules I have imposed on myself: care, heart and rigour.

Marie de VALON does not cheat and lives her painting as she is passionate, open to all interrogation, in a way mysterious at every moment, Marie gives herself totally without fear.

In this recent interview, Marie de Valon speaks about her artistic life from her studio in Visan, a little provencal village in France. Discover her work and her thoughts about the art.

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In the words of Nicole de Pontcharra...

The world: a living metamorphosis

Marie de Valon's paintings and sculpture embody the life of a universe in flux, a metamorphosis of bodies and souls. The artist depicts the being from doubts to peacefulness in turn, the movement of Nature along its varying seasons: she finds shapes and colours, inflecting the intensity of tones. She has found her own writing of life, in the truth of contradictions.

The world is vast, the folds of the human are unfathomable, but throught the intensity of her perception, of her patient or impatient explorations, she can give substance to her artistic intuition, away from confusion. And so, she will share her inner journey throught shapes and colours of her own.

Handsome, intense: such is "the trunk of a tree" an image wrought in the truth of a sturdy brown column engraved with black writings. Its strength and majesty are not altered by marks in the course of time. The artist's mind seems perfectly tuned to this sight of Nature that she has elected and painted.

The terracota and bronze sulptures magnify the body and the feeling of love. Marie de Valon observes and questions Nature: Man is the leading creature. In her work she restores a balance by bringing Man closer to his environment, by showing interferences and resemblances throught shapes and colours. She feels that she belongs to a one and only family, that of the living, throbbing with feeling emotions, sap ad blood, with rooting and uprooting, shadow and light.

Nicole de Pontcharra
Puygiron, 2016